Who is John Bray?

I’m a guy who started a blog to try and cope with the fact that I took on parenting at 21. Then I sort of lost the interest in blogging about life because I guess I’m not cut out for nonfiction. Or I had enough life in my life and I just didn’t need to write about it. I no longer felt passionate about that sort of documentation (digital scrapbooking). So I stopped writing over here for a while. Then a longer while.

In the process, I rediscovered my love for photography, decided it was okay to post photography and fiction because, well, I own this small piece of the web. So that’s what this is. A blog containing photography and fiction with bits of nonfiction on the side. If fishsticks come into play, consider it a bonus, but the odds of that happening are slim. Unless I get some sort of wild sponsorship from Gorton’s which, at this point, seems unlikely (Hi, Gorton’s!).

Still looking for more details? Okay, my favorite color is blue. I have a serious interest in striped ( or spotted, flecked, or otherwise decorated) socks. I also happen to have a rather intense relationship with potato chips which I’m learning to manage, one bag at a time. I’m from Michigan, but I currently call the western suburbs of Chicago “home.” I live here with my 12 year old son.

At the end of February, 2014, I published my first children’s book, “Maggie and the Sprinkle Tree,” and in May 2014 I quit my day job to pursue writing full time. The book is adorable and amazing.┬áThe career change is sure to be just as amazing (though slightly less adorable) and, if you’re interested, you can find out a bit more about what I’m doing professionally by visiting my professional website: john-bray.com.