Good Things Come in Pairs: Part 2

Posted by | April 22, 2014 | Day to Day | No Comments

Last week I started a series called “Good Things Come in Pairs” by featuring Nicholas Pritchett and Laura Pritchett. As I mentioned in that post, my thought was to¬†draw attention to some couples I follow on Instagram. Because good things come in pairs. How many couples? I’m still not sure, but I have a few in mind and I enjoy each of these photographers as individuals, so I thought it would be interesting to present them as couples while looking at some of their photos side by side.

Once again, I’ve never met either half of the couple I’m featuring today (this will probably be a common theme), but I really like following their adventures (both apart and together), their family, and their view of the world. I’d like to cross paths with these two some day as well and, being that they’re east coasters just like last week’s pair, there might be a combo trip somewhere in my future: Matt Novak (@mattjnovak) and Anna Novak (@annanovak).

While they each have their own view of the world (via Instagram photos or otherwise), Matt and Anna share an endless love for their children, a passion for summer’s warmth, and a knack for capturing beautiful moments in time. Matt makes ramen an art form (in the colder months) and Anna always seems to be baking things that make me want to lick my phone screen. And when their Instagram photos happen to fall side by side in my feed, it’s a beautiful thing. I enjoy the way they live life while loving every minute of it and below are just a few examples of how there photos mingle, sometimes on the same day, sometimes months apart.

There are many excellent examples on their feeds and, though you can certainly follow one or the other, I highly recommend adding both of them to your daily dose of Instagram. And did I mention their expertise in the world of ice cream?