Good Things Come in Pairs: Part 3

Posted by | May 15, 2014 | Photography | No Comments

Time for the third installment of a series I started several weeks ago called “Good Things Come in Pairs.” As I mentioned previously, the purpose of this series is to highlight the accounts of talented Instagram couples by placing their photos side by side. My first post in the series featured the talented pair of Nicholas Pritchett and Laura Pritchett. A couple weeks after that, I featured another talented pair: Matt Novak and Anna Novak.

I’m still not sure how many couples I’ll feature, but I have a few more in mind and who knows how many more I’ll discover as time goes on. Again, I enjoy each of these photographers as individuals (on Instagram and elsewhere), so I thought it would be interesting to present them as couples while looking at the similarities and differences in their photos.

I’ve never met either half of the couple I’m featuring today – Reed Reeder (@reedreeeder) and Whitney Reeder (@Whitneyreeder) – and, in fact, I have only had minimal interaction with them, but that hasn’t stopped me from following their adventures (both apart and together) in their corner of the world: Brooklyn. I’d like to cross paths with these two some day as well, but for now I’m just happy to tag along.

One thing is certain: These two have a way with light in nearly every situation. From restaurant lightbulbs to window light at coffee shops to morning light on the streets of Brooklyn, their photos are always perfectly lit and inviting. I enjoy Reed’s excellent still lifes, stone stoops, and storefronts as well as Whitney’s bouquets, beautiful captures of their home, and scenes from Knot and Bow. Their feeds provide wonderfully complementary views of their life, their city and, of course, their daughter Tayvee (#tinytayvee). From museum visits and trips to the farmer’s market to a recent injury (sad, but adorably captured below), they have built a great progression of her life and have been generous enough to share it with the Instagram community.

I could go on an on, but I’ll sum it up as follows: Both feeds are filled with excellent captures of everyday life and, though you can certainly follow one or the other, I highly recommend following both of them. Also, they enjoy donuts. And there was even that one time last August that they both posted the exact same platter of donuts right before they devoured every last crumb (I hope).