Newest MAC Line Threatens Instagram Servers

Posted by | February 28, 2013 | Day to Day, Fiction | No Comments
Instagram just hit 100 million active users, marking a major milestone for the relatively young social platform. As an active user, I was excited by this news. My feed has been flooded with #instagrammeanstome posts, sentimental stories, and brief waves of congratulations. It’s a good time had by all.

But is this announcement simply a touting of success or is it covering up a crippling threat to the Instagram of today?

As the days roll forward and the “Explore” page becomes further suffocated with photos of perfect manicures and totally fly nails, some are beginning to wonder. But what’s causing this recent and building surge of popular nail art on a social photography platform may surprise you.

Earlier this month, New York based MAC Cosmetics released it’s limited edition lines of Betty and Veronica Nail Lacquer and Instagram was set ablaze with French tips, Double Trouble purples, and delicate feminine hands clutching new bottles of lacquer, invisible hockey pucks, or their other hand featuring a complimentary polish pattern. Sure, not all users are featuring MAC products, but the relationship between this surge in photos and the release of both collections is more than coincidental.

“We had no intention of straining Instagram’s servers,” notes a MAC Cosmetics representative who wished to remain nameless, “we make a good product and we’re glad people enjoy it, but we never meant for things to get out of hand.” But they definitely aren’t out of hand. In fact, they’re on hand.

Stripes, polka dots, diamonds, one-off thumbs, complete replications of The Last Supper. There seems to be no stopping this juggernaut. We reached out to Instagram for comment but all we got were grunts from the server room as all available hands worked feverishly to keep the service up and running. With any luck. they’ll get things under control in the coming weeks and the remainder of Instagram’s active users will once again be able to “Explore” a wider variety of photos including those featuring cleavage, blurry puppies, trendy outfits, and really inspiring quotes.

“As the days roll forward and the “Explore” page becomes further suffocated with photos of perfect manicures and totally fly nails…”