Partly Cloudy

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After a breakfast on the hill, one made up more of noise and commotion than eggs and dry rye toast, he sat in the hatch of his car and felt the rising sun cut over the adjacent rooftops and onto his legs. He felt the day and the food settling uneasily in his stomach and the weight that he couldn’t lift from his thoughts.


A Book on the Way

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Over three years ago, I had a story in my head. A fun, curiosity-driven children’s story that told itself in color and sound and excitement. I knew this story needed illustrations that would match the vibrancy of what I created in words, and I knew my good friend Christian Jackson, a man of more talents that I can count, could bring the story to life. With that said, I’d like you to meet Maggie, the protagonist in an amazing children’s story that is readying itself for the world.